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Cheap International Calls from Ncell to 20 Countries

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Ncell has launched ‘International Call Pack’ today. It is a voice pack that can be used to call to 20 countries with lowest call rates as much as possible, at the rate of Rs. 2.50 per minutes for 10 minutes. It is similar to other voice packs Ncell is providing but it is for international calls only and is available for 24 hrs from the time of subscription. If you want to call in Ncell numbers, check how to call at cheapest rate, Call Ncell to Ncell using it’s Cheapest Voice Pack. Here are the list of 20 countries that Ncell customers can take benefits of international calls:

20 Countries for Ncell ‘International Call Pack’

  1. India
  2. China
  3. America
  4. UK
  5. Canada
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Australia
  8. Japan
  9. Germany
  10. Singapore
  11. South Korea
  12. Bangladesh
  13. Cyprus
  14. Bhutan
  15. France
  16. Spain
  17. Denmark
  18. Israel
  19. Belgium
  20. Italy

Who can buy ‘International Call Pack’?

All prepaid and postpaid customers of Ncell can enjoy this call pack.

How to buy ‘International Call Pack’?

Ncell customers can subscribe to the pack by simply dialing 17107 and following instructions thereafter. They can also subscribe the pack by dialing *17107# and following the instructions or by sending SMS to 17107 typing 10. Customers can subscribe the pack as many times as customers want, depending on their need.

How much it costs to buy ‘International Call Pack’?

It only costs you Rs. 25 (inclusive of all taxes). After buying  this pack you will get 10 minutes of international talk time.

How to check remaining talk time?

Simply check your balance by dialing *101# or sending message to 90011, ncell will inform you about remaining talk time.


After the subscription of ‘International Call Pack’ it is only valid for 24 hrs, i.e. you have to use your all talk time before 24 hrs. After the talk time of 10 minutes is finished you will be charged with normal call rate, so it is better to buy 2 or more ‘International Call Pack’ if you want to talk for more than 10 minutes. It can’t be used to make a call in Nepal.

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