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Know the Amazing Advantages of React Library

One of the most trending and extensively used programming language JavaScript has its own set of advantages. Another major reason behind the skyrocketing popularity of using JavaScript is its ever-growing number of tools, libraries and, frameworks and each one is unique from the others.

One such library is React, also known as React JS or React.JS.

Launched in 2013, React has managed to win the hearts of most of the developers in a very short span of time. Presently, React is maintained by Facebook and other developers communities and, already used by successful companies like PayPal, Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, and many others.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the substantial advantages of using ReactJS

With a highly robust eco-system, excellent support and hundred of tools React have already made the developers’ life easy. The great thing about React is that you can easily learn and use React and become proficient in it in no time.

1. Makes The Entire Process of Writing Components Super Easy

JSX is an optional syntax extension of JS which makes the overall process of writing components super easy.

JSX is a mix of HTML and JavaScript and is something that you will want to use with React.

It accepts HTML quoting and makes sub-component rendering very convenient. It provides a package of shortcuts for writing React.createElement with few thumb rules, so naturally, it allows you to make a cleaner and simpler source.

When it comes to creating custom components or iPhone application development, using JSX can be a big help.

JSX excludes the typos in a large tree structure which makes it more convenient for the developers to convert the HTML mockups to ReactElement tree. Furthermore, it provides error notification, warnings and prevents code injections.

2. React Boosts The Overall Productivity

For a lot of developers, updates can be a real pain because complex logic and changes in any components can affect others. To handle such an issue in a very efficient manner, Facebook created React in such a manner that it has the ability to rescue system components. According to a lot of developers this one of the best features of React.

Designers reuse the assets by reemploying the same digital objects. You can start with the finer components like button, checkbox or any other and them move to wrapper components having all the tiny elements and keep moving ahead till you have the main or root component.

Each of these components has its internal logic making ability which makes the developer’s job easier because they can manipulate and define them easily.

3. Fast Rendering Process

When it comes to developing a mobile application or software application, it is really important to consider how the design will impact the overall performance of the app while developing a high-level application. The truth is that most of the platforms and engines can’t ensure the absence of bottleneck because the Document Object Model (DOM) has a tree structure and even a small change at the top layer can result in awful UI. To avoid such problem, the developers of React has come up with the Virtual Document Object Model which could be a serious advantage at the time of using React for developing heavy loaded and dynamic software.

4. Unstable Code Has Become The Issue Of Past

React ensures stable codes. Small changes that take place in the child code doesn’t affect the parents. The logic is very simple here- it uses the downward flow of data. When it comes to changing a code, developers just need to modify its states to implement any changes and this result in updating any particular components. This particular structure of data binding ensures stable code with a continuous performance of the application.

5. React Is SEO-Friendly

Another advantage of using React is that it is SEO-friendly. It efficiently deals with a common search engine failure when it comes to reading any heavy JavaScript-based application. React can run on the server, render and can return the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular web page.

6. Use Developers Toolset

React comes with some handy tools which make learning new technology and implementing it really easy for your next project. When it comes to debugging and developing, the Developer’s tool set of React could be your best help. These tools are browser extensions which are available for Google and Firefox allowing developers to make their web development venture a convenient and less time-consuming affair.

7. React Is Perfect For Android and iPhone App Development

It is often called as “Learn Once-Write Everywhere” library because it follows the same design pattern for both the mobile and web application development. It makes the whole transition process a simple affair. With the JavaScript and React, you can create a rich UI for native applications which are supported by both Android and iOS platform.

When it comes to developing mobile apps, React can be the best help because of its portability and ability to reuse components, open-source, real-time reload, and great eco-system.

8. The Strong Community Behind React

It is backed by the strongest developers community from across the world. It boasts extensive support from the huge number of external experts who constantly try to make developer’s life easy.

Final Words

Considering all the boons and usefulness, React can be described as a non-risky, advanced, responsive way for developing web and mobile application solutions for the developers all over the world.