Mobile Phone Users in Nepal Can Now Switch Operators Without Changing the Number

Are you not happy with your mobile operator’s schemes, services and flexibilities? Don’t be irritated. Now, here comes your solutions. Nepal Telecom Authority has approved Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Nepal. What is Mobile Number Portability? It’s a new development in Mobile Communication Technology. In this service the mobile user can switch to other service … Read more

NTC Data Pack for GSM, CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid SIM

Nepal Telecom (NT) is providing their GSM, CDMA prepaid and postpaid users internet data packages in low rate with it’s fast 3G service. To activate 3G in your NTC sim type 3G and send sms to 1400. Need more speed? See How to Activate 4G service in NTC? NTC Data Pack: Data Package of GSM (Prepaid/Postpaid) Mobile … Read more

Easy Explanation for Creating WordPress Child Theme

What is a Child Theme?

Child theme is a small and simple theme that inherits functionality and styling of its corresponding parent theme and gives you ability to tweak the parent theme. (You may call child theme as a theme specific plugin, it acts like a plugin if the parent theme is activated along with the child theme.)

When Should You Use a Child Theme?

  • The most case is, If you want to modify the stylesheet of your main theme.
  • If you want to modify how your WordPress theme is working. That means to customize the function of the theme or if you want to edit ‘functions.php‘ file of the theme.

Why Use Child Theme

It is highly recommended to make a child theme for editing ‘functions.php or ‘style.css‘ of a theme. Modifying a theme directly is not good method and the modification will be lost after update, while modifying using a child theme preserve your modification even after update. So child theme is smarter way to modify a theme.

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How to get Free Domain in 2020

There are many people and students searching for free domain for their projects, blogs and companies. .np ccTLD domain is completely free which is provided by Mercantile Communication aiming to expand IT field in Nepal. Anyone in Nepal can get free domain name but one must verify that he/she is Nepali citizen. Getting domain name … Read more