How to Find Stolen Images on the Internet? Guide to Reverse Search Method

Thanks to the internet, it has now become easy to get into photography. You can access extensive resources that teach you photography skills like composition, lighting, film development, editing, and much more. As you learn photography, post your work online, and get feedback to hone your skills. Once you have reached the professional level, you … Read more

Best Android Apps to Play YouTube Videos in Background

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What is FileRepMalware and Should You Remove it

FileRepMalware might be the most common spyware infections for Windows computers. According to Techinciter many people have reported their computer being infected with this virus, which has also been known As “adware”. FileRepMalware is an extremely malicious spyware infection that will damage your PC in several different ways. It isn’t necessarily a single spyware instead, … Read more

How to Restore/Reinstall GRUB Bootloader in Arch Linux

Sometimes disaster may happen and your GRUB bootloader may stop working. In this situation you may need to reinstall/restore GRUB bootloader. For this you need a bootable drive with Arch Linux. So if you don’t have Arch Linux download iso file and create one. Recover GRUB Bootloader in Arch Linux Insert and boot your Arch … Read more