Hi I am Sangam and this is the place where I write random articles at my spare time. I am a Flutter developer by profession and WordPress enthusiast. Besides these I love tinkering with my Linux machine.

If you like to read, I have shared how I came up creating this blog.

It all started with HTML and CSS in a school vacation. The time when I learnt HTML and CSS I even didn’t know about WordPress, thinking that all the websites and all the pages are created manually one by one statically. So I thought it must be very hard to create a blog with many articles. But that was not true. Actually it is very easy to create a site with CMS like WordPress.

When I knew HTML and CSS a little bit, I created 20 pages and uploaded them all using FTP in some free HTML web server. These web servers were some sort of WAP site builder. Sadly they are discontinued since nowadays no one uses such WAP site. I found these WAP sites, because I had a Nokia S40 mobile running Java and I used to download games and applications from those types of sites and there always were an advertisement for WAP site builder. From those days I had been consuming more times in the internet and my little website.

Then later I searched for ways to create websites easily. Then I found some PHP scripts that allows to login to dashboard and post new contents and also was annoying to setup. I googled again and found WordPress.

Google is your friend whenever you need a solution and you just need to know how to search. So trying to google before asking for help in forum/group is always a better idea.

Then I knew not only HTML and CSS but also PHP and MySQL and learnt about working with web servers. After I had installed WordPress, I found it amazing at that time, it was beautiful, well-managed and I had to only post my articles. That time my feeling was like “Finally I found one. I don’t need to google for another”. Later when I joined my college to study Computer Science, I got this domain and started writing random stuffs. And that was my journey from a tiny static website to this blog.

I think every students from science and technology field, especially a Computer Science and IT students should always have a side project. It helps them to focus and increases their productivity.

For me, my blog is my online archive where I store my random notes. At the same time I also earn a little from AdSense which is enough to host this website.

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  1. Ekendra

    Great going here, Sangam!
    You reminded me of blogging era in Nepal back 10-12 years. No doubt so many exciting and next generation contents here. Keep continuing!

  2. anonymous

    tooo gooddddd

  3. Shreya Gubhaju

    Best site I have seen. I have learn many things from this site . U are just amazing and talent person.yo site ko help le mero ni adsence approved vayo.
    Thank you so much for sharing information
    Lots of love ❤❤

    1. Sangam

      Thank you, I appreciate your support.

  4. Gagan Shrestha

    Tapai ko site mero laagi dherai nai kaam laagne site ho…maile yes site bata dherai kura easily way ma sikexu ….thanks bro hajur lai ….information share garera help gardinu vako le ❤❤

    1. Sangam

      Thank you Gagan.

  5. Rishav Choudhary

    Sangam please send your email adress

  6. Sam

    Hi, I used your advice on fixing my WordPress site over a year ago. The moment I saw your blog, I can tell that you have exceptional talent and authentic character. It will be good to learn about your personal activities as well, if you are ever looking to collaborate on projects. Such talent is a unique find.

    1. Sangam

      Thank you Sam.

  7. Roshan Mahato

    Important site for me bro. Superb

  8. Om Prakash Yadav

    Your site is beautiful and fully optimized.

  9. Prabesh Khanal

    Bro your site is inspiration for me. Tapaiko site bata kei idea lidai mero ni Adsense approved bayo.

    1. Badal Lamsal

      How to connect .com.np domain with wordpress please give me full details

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