How to Create Free .tk, .ml, .cf, .gq and .ga Websites?

Simply domain name is your web address,, etc. all are domain names. Domain names are not free and you have to pay for your domain name. But there is some domain name provider that provides free domain name. It is recommended to use free domain name only for learning purpose because free domain is not your legally so the domain provider have right to cancel your domain name at any instant.

In this tutorial we talk about Freenom. According to Freenom it is the world’s first and only free domain provider. It provides .tk, .cf, .ml, .gq and .ga domain names for free as well as paid. The provided free domain works same as the paid domain. It also provides dns service for their free and paid domain. There are some special domain which are not free. These domain names are 1, 2 and 3 character names and some common dictionary keywords.

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How to register free domain name and get free web hosting?

Go to Freenom and check the availability of your desired domain name to be registered. There will be a list of .tk, .ml and other free domains. If your desired domain name is available take any domain (.tk, .ml etc.) then proceed to next step (suppose we take domain). Then after you will be asked for your name, address and other details. Where it says “Use your new domain”, select “Use DNS” and simply give any web address since we need to change it later after registering for free hosting (you can skip this setting). After that register your account by entering your email id and choosing a password. The process of registering s domain name ( ends here.

Now you need a web hosting. In this tutorial we use free web hosting by ByetHost. Go to and signup for free hosting. Select “use my own domain name” where domain name is asked and type and proceed further. After registering for free hosting we need nameservers. For that go to “Account Details” and note your nameservers. They will like this:


Again go to Freenom and Sign in. Then go to “Domains> My Domains> Manage Domain> Management Tools> Nameservers> Use custom nameservers” and enter your nameservers you noted at ByetHost. Then click Change Nameservers. Now after some time you can visit your website from your browser. It takes times to setup a website after editing nameservers due to DNS propagation, sometimes it takes a day to complete setup.

After you create a website you can install any blogging platform such as WordPress, Joomla etc. from your web hosting control panel. In case of ByetHost, it gives free Softaculous script installer. From this you can easily install WoedPress.

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  1. Alan

    I registered few free domains.

  2. Aadi

    .tk, .gq, .cf, .ga, .ml which is safer?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      These domains are free or it may be paid. If you buy these domains then it is officially yours, if not it is not yours. I have heard that Freenom sells free domain once that free domain becomes popular. So if you are planning to make a website that really matters to you, I don’t recommend to use free domains. Just go for paid one.

  3. Rangle

    is this possible to make Sites with hacking because this site needs to be checked and looks like its not secured?
    i believe someone created this website in this website

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Yes it is possible. Be sure you did’t enter any details here. These sites are scams that may harvest your credentials. Even sites with https may be scam.

  4. israr kabir

    is this a relaiable host bro???

  5. Satish

    Thank you for the information as I am looking for one.
    Thank you again.

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