12 Best Blogs in Nepal you Should Follow in 2020


In Nepal blogging trend started since before 2005 and after that it is becoming more popular among youths. It is obvious that the trend of blogging is rising exponentially and it is not going to stop. Among the hundreds of active bloggers in Nepal here is the list of 10 highly ranked blogs.

Websites May Use Your CPU to Mine Cryptocurrencies


You have probably heard about Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP etc. They are thousands in number, among them Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are most mined cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currency that can be accessible in unlimited amount by anyone who spends time and energy to mine it. Cryptocurrencies are mined by solving some math problems … Read more

How To Create More Than One YouTube Channel?

YouTube channel

Many don’t know about multiple YouTube channel feature but you can create 50 YouTube channels with a single Gmail account. You don’t have to create a different YouTube account for another channel. Creating a new YouTube channels requires a new brand account. Brand account is totally different from your personal YouTube channel similar as Facebook … Read more