10+ Best Blogs in Nepal you Should Follow in 2021

In Nepal blogging trend started since before 2005 and after that it is becoming more popular among youths. It is obvious that the trend of blogging is rising exponentially and it is not going to stop. Among the hundreds of active bloggers and their blogs, this is the list of top blogs in Nepal.

1. GadgetByte Nepal

GadgetByte Nepal is must follow commercial blog for techie since it is one of the emerging blog site in Nepal. It was founded in 2013, focuses on new tech appliance that are available in Nepal and are going to release. It covers all most mobile phones that is launched in Nepal, and also covers laptops and cameras. They also have YouTube channel where they review new gadgets and recently started custom PC building videos.

  • Founder: Excuse me, they are a group of students.
  • Oldest Post: November 2013
  • Global Rank: 90,541
  • Rank in Nepal: 106
  • Category: Mobile Phones, PCs, Cameras
  • Services: YouTube channel for gadget reviews
  • Ranking Factor: mobile price in Nepal

2. Nepali Telecom

Nepali Telecom is a blog site oriented towards latest telecommunication news and tech changes in Nepal however it also covers gadgets reviews and how to topics. Nepali Telecom immediately publishes any new telecommunication updates and offers. So it is must follow if you want to get news and offers by major telecommunication providers instantly.

  • Founder: Rajendra Dulal
  • Oldest Post: March 2012
  • Global Rank: 221,835
  • Rank in Nepal: 275
  • Category: Telecommunication, gadget reviews, how to

3. TechLekh

TechLekh a Nepali tech blog is another highly ranked blog after GadgetByte Nepal. This blog is started by a group of students in 2015 aimed to provide a medium to know about the tech atmosphere in Nepal. They review various apps, gadgets and services that are creating an impact in Nepal.

  • Founder: Abhishek Gupta
  • Oldest Post: August 2015
  • Global Rank: 428,296
  • Rank in Nepal: 650
  • Category: Tech News, Gadgets, Bikes, Cars
  • Services: YouTube review
  • Ranking Factor: MacBook price, bike price

4. Ashesh’s Blog

Ashesh’s Blog is a personal blog maintained by Ashesh. The bog is more popular among Nepali users due to the service it provides like unicode to preeti and preeti to unicode converter. He has also created a calendar app named Smart Patro – Nepali Calendar. While on blogging side the posts are mainly about festivals in Nepal, tech and review related.

  • Founder: Ashesh
  • Oldest Post: August 2008
  • Global Rank: 56,303
  • Rank in Nepal: 83
  • Category: Festivals, General, App Reviews
  • Services: Unicode Converter, Calendar
  • Ranking Factor: preeti and unicode converting tools

5. Mukesh Chapagain

It is a blog site by Mukesh Chapagain, a graduate of Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel, Nepal) from where he holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. He is a passionate web developer who has keen interest in open source technologies, programming, blogging & spirituality. Most of his blog is about programming and web applications.

  • Founder: Mukesh Chapagain
  • Oldest Post: March 2007
  • Global Rank: 109,930
  • Rank in Nepal: not ranked
  • Category: Programming, Magneto and PHP
  • Services: N/A
  • Ranking Factor: Magneto tutorials

6. Mero Sansar

Mero Sansar from one of the very experienced blogger Salokya, is about Nepal and the ongoing activities. He writes his opinion through his blog and also covers some entertaining articles. He is blogging since 2005 and have been worked in PahiloPost.com, Annapurnapost.com, Nagariknews.com and Parewa Online. There is also some articles written by Raju Aacharya in his blog.

  • Founder: Salokya [Umesh Shrestha]
  • Oldest Post: August, 2005
  • Global Rank: 112,845
  • Rank in Nepal: 178
  • Category: Entertainment, News
  • Services: roman to unicode converter
  • Ranking Factor: latest Nepali news & events

7. ImNepal.com

ImNepal is a personal blog maintained by Jitendra Sahayoge. He is a Writer of 12 Nepali Books, Director of Maithili films, Founder of Radio Stations, Designer of Websites and Editor of Some Nepali Blogs too. His blogs are of random topics which may be about sports, festivals, tourism or shayari but all are related to Nepal. He also writes biography of popular poet and actors in his blog.

  • Founder: Jitendra Sahayogee
  • Oldest Post: November 2011
  • Global Rank: 150,535
  • Rank in Nepal: 37,492
  • Category: Sports, Movie, Tourism, Biography
  • Services: N/A
  • Ranking Factor: Nepali quotes and shayari

8. Nepali Trends

Nepali Trends founded in 2017 provides various categories articles which includes biography, celebrities, trending news and public figures. This blog also covers some science and tech related articles. However Nepali Trends gets high organic traffic from keyword, digital marketing in Nepal.

  • Founder: Bikash Rai & Sudip Katwal
  • Oldest Post: November 2017
  • Global Rank: 319,759
  • Rank in Nepal: 511
  • Category: Trending Story, Celebrities, Tech, Biography
  • Services: SEO, Social Media Promotion, YouTube channel
  • Ranking Factor: digital marketing in Nepal

9. xNepali

xNepali started from April 2007 by Anand Nepal is about Nepali movies, celebrities and their gossips. He started xNepali as a blog and started posting about things he liked most, movies and characters. Anand said he wanted to make this blog about everything but later realized it can’t be everything. He also said that having “x” in the name of this site does not resembles any adult content. Anand writes and reviews new movies in his blog xNepali and has listed some best Nepali movies too. And another thing, he a YouTuber.

  • Founder: Anand Nepal
  • Oldest Post: April 2007
  • Global Rank: 326,837
  • Rank in Nepal: 403
  • Category: Movies, Celebrities
  • Services: YouTube channel, preeti to unicode converter
  • Ranking Factor: preeti to unicode converter, Nepali movies

10. TechSansar

The other tech blog in Nepal established in 2009. One feature in TechSansar is that it is available in Nepali language also. It encourages users who prefer to read in Nepali to visit the site and return in future. However this blog does not explains about their team, I did not get more info so excuse me again.

  • Founder: N/A
  • Oldest Post: September 2009
  • Global Rank: 496,981
  • Rank in Nepal: 907
  • Category: Tech news, Gadgets, Telecom
  • Services: N/A
  • Ranking Factor: postal code of Nepal

11. Techinfo Nepal

Techinfo Nepal was founded in 2018 with the aim to become a successful tech news portal in Nepal. Not only in with Nepalese tech news portal sites, they are going to make competitions with the bigger tech news portal site in coming days they say. Main goal of Techinfo Nepal is to deliver the latest price list of all the smartphones, laptops, and gadgets available in the Nepalese market. It also includes specifications, reviews, opinions and launch dates about those gadgets.

  • Founder: Sakar Aryal
  • Oldest Post: August 2016
  • Global Rank: 958,207
  • Rank in Nepal: 1,523
  • Category: Tech news, Gadgets
  • Services: N/A
  • Ranking Factor: top classified sites in Nepal

This is the list of Nepali blog sites that are currently ranking high in Alexa Rank. List is sorted based on Global Alexa Rank from 100+ Nepali blog sites. These rank may change in future, but will be updated when it needs to. Some blogs are omitted that are not updated anymore and are stale for years.

You may want to know about invention of the term ‘Blog’. With the increasing popularity of internet in late 90’s the term ‘Blog’ was first used in 1999 by Peter Merholz, a programmer. Before that it was Weblog (web+log), which was invented on December 17, 1997 by Jorn Barger who also invented his own blog labeled Robot Wisdom.

If you find anything wrong in the list or if I missed any site to add here in the top blog list please comment below, I will update the list shortly.

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    Great.. Thank you for the nice list and your effort. It would be complete if you include https://www.nepalitelecom.com, which is there in the blogging field from 2012.

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  14. Bikash Rai

    Hi Sangam!
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    I want to quickly mention the missing part.
    Founder: Bikash Rai | Sudip Katwal
    Oldest Post: November 2017
    Global Rank: 319,759
    Rank in Nepal: 511
    Category: Trending Story, Celebrities, Tech, Biography
    Services: SEO, Social Media Promotion
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    Great list of the tech blogs of Nepal but I think you missed TechSathi which is a leading tech blog in Nepal

    1. Sangam

      Thanks for informing, I will including TechSathi next time when the list is updated.

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