Be Online In Less Than 5 Minutes With Your Static HTML Website

Static html website is best way to be online within a minute. If you want share some project with your friends or teacher or with anyone in the world, you can host your html website in less than 5 minutes. Don’t waste your money for sharing something in the internet buying those expensive domains and web hosting. We can create an instant static html based website for free.
static html website
BitBalloon by Netlify is static html hosting provider whose focus is to making it as simple as possible to publish sites that are optimized for performance. It have free and paid plans. In paid plan you can add your own domain name if you have any. We are going to use free plan in which we will get a sub-domain like One more thing, it gives your free SSL and supports html form as well. It is very easy to use and drag and drop feature  to upload your html site, so you don’t need anything more than a PC, internet connection, a browser and an html editor. That means you got all the resources to create a responsive website.

How to set up static html website?

Steps to proceed:

  • Go to and sign in using your email address or Github account. signinI have used my Github account to sign in. signin1
  • After logging in you will see like this, where you are asked to drag and drop your files. The files may be html or css or js. I have already created a site named Salvation so it appears by its side. After dragging you html files you will see similar to this. draganddrop
  • Now you have to make html files for your site. If you don’t know to create html files you can use Bootstrap Templates. In this tutorial we are going to use bootstrap template. So download one of your favorite template and update it as your need and extract it.extract
  • Now it’s time to upload it to our server. Select all the files then drag and drop it to the destination. drag-html-files
  • After uploading you will get this. Now your site is live but the domain name is not good so we need to rename it. edit-nameI have renamed it to ‘iamonline‘ so my new website is ‘‘. name-changed-to-iamonline
  • Final step is to now open you website and share with your friends. Go to ‘‘ to open your website. In my case it is

How was that? Now you can share you project/website with other worldwide. It takes no time and is easy and free. Share your created website in the comment below.

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