Ncell Data Plans – All About Data Packages & Prices

Ncell is only telecommunication provider that provides faster internet with affordable prices. Here is the list of all data plans, packages and prices for Ncell SIM and Ncell Connect.

Internet Packs

Just dial *17123# to subscribe to All time pack, Day time pack or Night time pack as per your need. Get 2 times more data in Day pack and 4 times more data in Night pack at the same rate. This data rates are modified now. Day data pack are disabled and all time data pack and night data pack rates are changed. For new rates check Ncell New Data Pack 2074 Updated Rates And Plans.

Price (including taxes) All-time pack Day-time pack
(5am – 5pm)
2 times more data
Night-time pack
(11pm – 5am)
4 time more data
Rs. 10 25MB
(40 paisa/MB)
(20 paisa/MB)
(10 paisa/MB)
3 days
Rs. 20 60MB
(33 paisa/MB)
(17 paisa/MB)
(8 paisa/MB)
3 days
Rs. 100 300MB
(33 paisa/MB)
(17 paisa/MB)
(8 paisa/MB)
30 days
Rs. 150 600MB
(25 paisa/MB)
(13 paisa/MB)
(6 paisa/MB)
30 days
Rs. 250 1200MB
(21 paisa/MB)
(10 paisa/MB)
(5 paisa/MB)
30 days

Once the volume in your data pack is over, you can continue to surf Internet at Re. 1/MB (including taxes) for packs of Rs. 100, 150 and 250 and Rs. 3.39/MB (including taxes) for packs of Rs. 10 and 20 till the validity period. After the validity period is over, standard charge as per your tariff will apply unless you buy a new pack. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack as you get the best rates.
All packages are applicable for all Prepaid and Pro tariff except Ncell Connect.
To know the remaining data balance, dial *901# or type ‘status’ and SMS it to 17123.
Internet surfing rate without subscribing any package:

All Prepaid tariff Rs. 3.39/MB
Pro Premium Rs. 2.26/MB
Pro Plus Rs. 3.39/MB
Pro Classic Rs. 3.39/MB


Facebook Packs

Choose from the available 3 Facebook packs and use Facebook starting from Rs. 0.23/MB.

Pack Price inclusive of taxes (Rs.) Facebook Data (can be used any time of the day) Bonus Facebook Data – Night (can be used from 10pm to 6am) Validity How to buy? Per MB rate after buying pack
1-day 10.17 20MB 20MB 24 hours Dial *17123# and follow instructions. Rs. 0.2599/MB
7-day 55.37 140MB 140MB 7 days Rs. 0.2034/MB
30-day 168.37 600MB 600MB 30 days Rs. 0.1469/MB

You can choose either one time Facebook pack which will be deactivated once the validity is over or you can choose the service with auto-renewable feature with which the pack gets automatically renewed for your convenience once the validity is over.
You can update your status, chat, message, upload and share pictures, watch Facebook videos (and not from YouTube and other third-party sites) and do everything in Facebook with the Facebook pack. You can use Facebook pack via official Android and iOS apps and through in laptop and other devices. Facebook pack is now also available in Opera mini 4.4 and above.
Not only this, if you consume all the data in the Facebook pack, you can still use Facebook at Rs. 1.12/MB within the pack validity period.

You can compare Ncell and NTC data pack from Ncell vs. NTC(Namaste) Data Packs – Complete Comparison.


Unlimited Internet Pack

Now always stay connected with Unlimited Internet. Get more Internet at the same price.
Unlimited Internet is an Internet pack where you get Unlimited Internet for a period of 30 days at a fixed cost. We have three packs available for Unlimited Internet valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

Pack Price (Inclusive of taxes) How to buy?
1GB data included for 3G speed Rs. 789.87 Dial *17123# and follow the instruction
5GB data included for 3G speed Rs. 2258.87
10GB data included for 3G speed Rs. 3388.87

When you are within your pack limit (e.g. within 1GB for Rs. 789.87 Unlimited Internet), you can expect speed of up to 3G – depending on where you are. Even if you cross your pack limit (over 1GB for Rs. 789.87 Unlimited Internet), you can still continue to surf at 32 kbps for the rest of the pack validity date for free or you can instantly purchase a new pack to enjoy 3G speed again.

  • You can either choose to activate your unlimited internet every month by activating one time packs but if you want automatic activation, you can activate recurring pack options. If you have a recurring pack, a new pack will be automatically activated once the current pack validity expires and the remaining data in the old pack will be accumulated over to the new pack. But if you have a one-time pack, you need to buy a new pack within the validity period to accumulate the remaining data. Else, the remaining data will collapse after the expiry date.
  • You can use Unlimited Internet for browsing in your mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The Internet usage includes surfing, chatting, watching videos, emails and any other activity of your preference. You can also download anything you want when you are within your pack limit (e.g. within 1 GB for Rs. 789.87(inclusive of taxes) Unlimited Internet). After exceeding the pack limit (e.g. over 1 GB for Rs. 789.87 Unlimited Internet), you will not be able to use torrents.
  • You can also buy any available monthly Internet pack even if you have purchased unlimited internet pack except daily pack and Facebook pack. You can use the Unlimited Internet using your mobile SIM on your any mobile device, laptop or computer. This pack is not valid for Ncell Connect.

Data Pack for Ncell Connect

With Ncell Connect, enjoy Ncell 3G, the fastest internet in Nepal in your desktop or laptop computer or tablet anywhere with the following packages.

Package Price(inclusive of taxes) How to buy?
500MB Rs. 450.87 Type 500MB and SMS it to 9009
1000MB Rs. 789.87 Type 1000MB and SMS it to 9009
5000MB Rs. 2258.87 Type 5000MB and SMS it to 9009
Without package Rs. 2.26/MB

To send SMS, go to the text menu in your Ncell Connect software.
To know the status of the pack type ‘status’ and send SMS to 9009.

All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes. (Government taxes include :- 13% VAT)

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    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Hi Dipako,
      nowadays Ncell provides all data pack and rates by dialing *123# , that’s why I stopped updating this topic. If you find there your preferred 3 month pack then is will be good. But I don’t think Ncell is providing 3 month pack since it only provides daily, weekly and monthly packs. There are no hidden packs and it is super easy to buy data packs dialing *123#. If you want more information on data pack and rates, here is the official page that contains updated data packs – I hope it helps.

  2. Rajesh kumar

    To much expensive data pack today approximately overall world using 4G network but Nepal still on 3G … Worst network system ..please enhanced .

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Building website link by commenting in others website will not work. You have to focus on SEO and good articles.

  3. Sandesh

    U can give me i can talk u personally.I think that 1 will be better

  4. Sandesh

    Hi,i want to buy monthly data pack.
    I want to buy unlimited pack of 1gb bt i m confused i can get per day 1gb data or i get once the 1gb data.If the 1gb data is finished i need to buy again the data pack.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      I can understand your problem because Ncell is making data plans very confusing. You have to select monthly data pack. And be careful to select packs where ‘per month’ is given. After your finished your internet speed will become slow but you can still use it. If you want full speed again you have to buy data pack again.

  5. Roxy

    I am a foreigner, coming to Nepal for 2 weeks visit.
    May I know where can i buy the plan / SIM card

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Thanks for willing to visit Nepal. You can buy Ncell SIM card in any Ncell Shop. You can find location for Ncell Shop in Google Map or ask somebody. After buying SIM card you can dial *123# to buy data packs that suits your need.

  6. Tiger

    how can i buy rs. 250″s MB?

  7. Ajmat mansur

    Hi dear
    Immediately I need 1200 MB for a month how much is price inform me and tell me also how to activet that bicose no one is there in my home to make that

  8. Nikki

    Can you explain unlimited internet pack for Rs789 ? Is it 1GB for 30 days then how its unlimited pack?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      You can use internet at speed of 32 Kbps after spending 1 GB of data over validity period.

  9. Rohit

    How to take mb in Country locked iphone 6s?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Are you able to use Ncell SIM card? You confused me. SIM card does not work until you unlock your mobile. If can’t use Ncell SIM card then how can you use data pack. You can request you carrier to unlock you mobile.

  10. Eliza

    Hi I had bought a pack for a month
    the pack is not working.. it shows that there is 1250 MB left but my balance is being reduced while using internet.. the internet pack is as it is .. what’s the problem??
    What can I do?
    plez help

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It may be technical problem (in that case contact customer care center) or may be you have bought a wrong data pack. Do u have bought a regular data pack (not Facebook, night or day etc.)? If you are sure that you have bought a right data pack and you are consuming data at right time with right app/website (not background, background data may cause balance reduction in Facebook pack or similar packs) then contact customer care center and tell him/her your problem.
      Call Center:
      9005 from Ncell prepaid numbers
      9007 from Ncell Pro and Ncell Biz numbers
      9809005000 from other numbers

  11. Samir

    I want to buy monthly data package
    For one month
    I saw your data package
    There is 250 for 1000 mb data for one month
    But there is no instructions,how to buy that data.Can you please send me how I will buy data package for one month.Please
    Thank you.

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