Ncell vs. NTC(Namaste) Data Packs – Complete Comparison

More than 85% of people in Nepal use both NTC and Ncell SIM cards to get benefits from both Ncell and NTC network provider. NTC (Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd.) is the oldest telecommunication service provider of GSM mobile service. After entry of Ncell (previously called Mero Mobile) into Nepal’s telecommunication industry, the number of GMS mobile user rise exponentially, since Ncell provided GSM sim card at low cost with new services NTC was not providing. Now NTC and Ncell are two largest telecommunication service provider in Nepal. In this article I am going to compare the data plans and data rates of NTC and Ncell. So this article describes, which telecommunication service provider will be better for you.

Types of Data Packs Provided


  1. Basic Data Pack
    1. 1-day pack
    2. 3-day pack
    3. 7-day pack
    4. 14-day pack
    5. 30-day pack
    6. Day Data Pack
  2. Night Data Pack
    1. 1-day pack
    2. 7-day pack
    3. 30-day pack
  3. Day Data Pack
    1. 1-day pack
    2. 7-day pack
    3. 30-day pack
  4. Facebook Pack
    1. 1-day pack
    2. 7-day pack
    3. 30-day pack
  5. Unlimited Internet Pack
    1. 1 GB data
    2. 5 GB data
    3. 10 GB data

For unlimited packs after consuming these 1, 5 or 10 GB you can still continue to surf at 32 kbps for the rest of the pack validity date for free or you can purchase a new pack to enjoy 3G speed again.


NTC has not categorized the data packs but have different validity for different volumes. The validity are:

  1. 2 days
  2. 10 days
  3. 1 months
  4. 2 months
  5. 3 months
  6. 6 months


Ncell provides almost all types data packs you need whereas NTC is unable to provide.

Lowest Possible Data Rate (all time)


Ncell is providing 30-day pack of volume 3000 MB at Rs. 1150, and the lowest all time data pack rate is Rs. 0.38 per MB.


NTC is providing 10 GB data at Rs. 2800 having validity of 6 months, so the lowest data pack rate is Rs. 0.273 per MB.
You can see NTC has cheaper data rate for all time data pack.

Day Pack, Facebook Pack and Night Pack


Although all time data rate is higher than that of NTC, Ncell provides data packs of various type and Ncell data packs will be cheaper if used by buying different types of data packs according to your need. Day pack is available in Ncell which is valid from 5 am to 5 pm.


NTC isn’t providing day and facebook data pack currently.

Regular Data Rate


All Prepaid tariff Rs. 3/Mb
Pro Premium Rs. 2/Mb
Pro Plus Rs. 3/Mb
Pro Classic Rs. 3/Mb

General type of SIM is Prepaid, so if you don’t know about your type of Ncell SIM card it is general Prepaid SIM card and the data rate is Rs. 3/MB.


For all 2G, 3G and 4G services data charge is Re. 1/Mb. Hence NTC is cheaper for regular users.

Free Browsing


Ncell is providing Free Wikipedia and Twitter Zero service. Previously Free Wikipedia and Twitter Zero can be used from both Opera Mini and their respective apps but now, from 2017 it is only available for Wikipedia and Twitter apps.


NTC doesn’t provides any free services.

Wrapping Up

And, that was my comparison on NTC and Ncell data rates. For regular user or user who don’t know about data packs Ncell providing, NTC is better. If user know about these data packs then he/she can get more benefits from Ncell data packs. One thing I like about Ncell is that you can buy 100 Mb data only for Rs. 20 when there is a need.
Lastly, if you have any suggestions or questions for this post, feel free to write a comment.
For NTC data pack rate please see NTC Data Packs for GSM, CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid SIM.
For Ncell data pack rates please see their Official Site.
Note: Now Ncell stopped free twitter and wikipedia instead it provides free facebook now and ntc provides some sites for free browsing.

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  1. Pankaj

    I like your website.

  2. Adam kunwor

    Ncell is useless in remote areas. I was trekking in Myagdi and Mustang. Ntc users were making phonecalls and me with Ncell no coverage!

  3. Nancy

    i want to know that the facebook pack offerd by ntc can be used for facebook lite ? and also while using mobile data other applications like whatsapp etc wont get activated or money would be deducted ?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It should be. But I have not tried it yet. You should try and let us know. But Whatsapp can not be used with facebook pack.

  4. chandralok kumar

    I want know which network serves fastest speed. When I was in Nepal I was using both and ncell was better but as resently new plan I don’t know ? which network serves tast. Could u plz send me reply.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Friend it depends upon your mobile and location. If you use 2G ncell may be good, if you use 3G either Ncell or NTC may be good according to your usage and if 4G is available in your location then NTC is the best.

  5. SShan

    Ntc mostly spash out to all ntc users customers in media by all news paper fm n tv then everyone knows to operate and excited to use this network, l was really tired by ncell data pack, ufff, thank u

  6. lkald

    nice for knowing the value of MB

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