How to Remove Footer Credit on Flash Theme by ThemeGrill?

Flash is multipurpose, easy, flexible and feature-rich theme. It has drag and drop page builder that makes it more advanced. Flash is available in free and premium version. Free version does not allow you to change the footer credit text. To change the footer credits just add this code in your child theme ‘function.php’ or if you have any custom plugin you can put this code in your plugin.

If you have problem on editing your child theme or you don’t have any child theme, you can use this plugin. Just download and install this plugins and it starts working.

After installing this plugin you may able to edit footer text from theme customizer.

If you are using Spacious Theme by ThemeGrill then read How to Remove Footer Credit on Spacious Theme by ThemeGrill?

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  1. Kevin David

    Thanks for your informative article. Its help me a lot. Doest ThemeGrill support on Droit Dark mode plugin?

  2. Russ B

    Excellent plugin Sangam, many thanks for this greatly appreciated

  3. Rae

    Awesome plugin, BRAVO!!!! Thanks so much.

  4. mol

    Your Plugin
    It very good.Thanks.

  5. Johanna

    Hi, can do for Themegrill eStore also? I tried current code and changed all instances of “flash” to “estore” but didn’t work.

  6. Kiki

    Hey, How can I remove the footer all together? I used your code which was great to remove the text but now I’m left with a footer coloured background bar across the page.

    1. Sangam

      You can modify my code, in line 15 you can see $credit_value= you can edit that to make any change in your footer credit. Can you provide the website link?

      1. AcarEmre

        I can’t find it in theme settings. Can you help with where he is?

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Go to Theme Customizer > Flash Theme Options > Top Header Settings > Top Header Text Content.
          For Social Menu edit it through menu.

          1. AcarEmre

            Thanks, I solved the problem. I have one more question. “Copyright © 2019 XXXX” I want to give another name and site link instead of x in this section. Can you tell me by example?

          2. Sangam Shrestha

            Yes you can do it from customizer if you have used the plugin. Or you can edit that plugin’s function.php in line 15 where you can find $credit_value just modify it as your wish. For example; $credit_value=’WRITE_HERE_ANYTHING_AS_YOU_WRITE_IN_HTML’

  7. Bella

    I used this code in my child theme functions file and it works like a charm! I’d like to include the start year to current year (2016 – 2019). How can I do that?

      1. Bella

        Ah, you have to hard code the start year. I was trying to set it as a variable and wasn’t successful (I’m not familiar with php code).

        Thank you!

  8. Gerrit


  9. tony

    Thanks… is good efective the plugin ¡¡¡¡

  10. Marwen

    Thanks for your code, it was very helpful. I have one more issue: I am trying to outline the copyright text to center, but cannot seem to find which element I need to take and what it’s values for style css would be. Do you happen to know how to accomplish this?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      In line 15 there is $credit_value =. Put align=”center” in the outermost div tag.

  11. Ronit arya

    You are great man thanks…:)

  12. damian

    Okay, if you have time, can you check the plugin?? It’s working, but I don’t know if it’s maybe making some other problem with the site or not…. THANKS!

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It should not make any problem since it is a very very small plugin. It is just adds a menu in customization section and and replaces default themegrill footer function with custom one. I will check and update it when after my exam.y

  13. JoeJoe

    Thanks. Works. Is the PLUGIN up to date with the latest March 2019 Flash theme?

  14. G.L. Grant

    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for saving me hours spent banging my head on my desk.

  15. Hugo de la Cruz

    Thanks bro!!!

  16. Ronit

    hi, I tried it but it’s not removing whole copyright text. It removes part of the footer but leaves the Copyright © 2018 Flash one-pager.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It is intended to to do so. I have told about this in comment section. Please search in comment section. Sorry for inconvenience.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      No I haven’t. If you know a little about programming you can create your own. You only have to replace few names or methods in the code…

      1. Al Ortiz

        Thank you! Already created the plugin using your suggested method and it works great!
        Thank you!!!

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Would u like to share that plugin? I will publish it with your name here.

          1. Al Ortiz

            I’ll be happy to share it. No need to credit me, it’s your code and your instructions. I’m very grateful for your help. Let me know how I can upload to your site.

          2. Sangam Shrestha

            Thank you. By the way, you can’t upload to my site. You need to create a git (on Github) and share the link here. It will also help you to have a reference for future as well as I can share that.

  17. Joe

    awesome!!! great!!!

  18. Haarmaan

    Thanks a lot. Works great!!

  19. Orlando


  20. satya

    This code works for me,
    Thank you for such a good work.

  21. Yuriko

    it really works thanks a lot, !!!

  22. tanguy


  23. Hope

    I didn’t go to the customizer after downloading the plugin. I didn’t bother because initially with the free version, the footer text area didn’t appear but with the flash footer plugin, it did.
    Thank you so much again.

  24. Hope

    does this work on the free version? I’ve tried it severally, it’s not working. Infact, the footer completely disappears from the site.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      This is made for free version so yes it works. You have to go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Footer >> Footer Text to edit the footer credits. Reply if you still have a problem. Plugin is recommended to use.

      1. Hope

        I still have a problem. I initially downloaded the plugin for it but when it didn’t work, I had to delete it… i’m editing straight from the WordPress editor. Not very good at creating a child theme.

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Sorry for inconvenience but I rechecked the plugin with newest version of theme and is working properly. After installing this plugin you have to go to site dashboard and then Appearance >> Customize >> Footer. You don’t need to create any child theme. Please explain the problem if not working. I ready to help.

      2. Hope

        It woooorks!!! Thank you extra much.

  25. George

    Hi there!
    I have 2 external link on the top. I dont like external link on header menu. How do I do to delete them? Thank you!

      1. George

        Thank you! 🙂

  26. Yusuf

    Works good. Perfect, I liked it.

  27. Vikram Aruchamy

    Works like a charm

  28. John SEO

    I have placed this code properly and I the line has been removed but this line exist “Copyright © 2018 Flash.” and I would like to flash into from brandname but I can’t.
    Please help me

      1. Hope

        I tried this ,still doesn’t work. Infact, the entire footer area disappeared. Does this work on the free version o the theme… please help… thanks

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Download the plugin and install that. You have to go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Footer >> Footer Text to edit the footer credits. Reply if you still have a problem.

  29. Johan

    Works like a charm!

  30. Ronda

    The plug-in worked like a charm. Thanks!

  31. Norberto

    Thanks. Work greats.

  32. Eugene

    Thank you for making this! This has helped me!

  33. delta

    Hello Sangam! Thanks for the plugin, works great. Any idea how to center the footer content?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      I am glad it helped you. You can use simple html code to center it. Good luck.

  34. Bruno

    Hi and thanks for this plugin, however, I still didn’t know how to make it work.
    I have tried to Configure in Appearance => Customize => Footer but it doesn’t show anything in footer.
    I changed my website name, could be something to do with this? I cannot change my client website name…
    I also have tried the remove all footer option from your last example but still nothing happens, probably missing something here, right?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It has no connection with the site name. It should work, but I am confused why it is not working for you while working for others. After installing the plugin you have to edit the footer in Appearance => Customize => Footer.

  35. Peter

    Works great! Many thanks!

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Thanks for your valuable comment. I am glad, you found it helpful.

  36. Francesca

    I have a problem with my copyright. I installed the plugin but in my copyright compare “?>”
    How can I delete it?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Sorry, but I can’t figure out the problem because it is working in my side..

    2. Sangam Shrestha

      I have updated the plugin and the code, please delete the old plugin and install new one. I hope the problem is solved now.

  37. Erkki

    I keep having ?> right after copyright text. Any idea how to remove it?

      1. Daniele

        Code and plugin both leave ?> right after copyright text

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          I have updated the plugin and the code, please delete the old plugin and install new one. I hope the problem is solved now.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      I have updated the plugin and the code, please delete the old plugin and install new one. I hope the problem is solved now.

  38. Djordje

    Thanks for the plugin Sangam. It’s great. Now I don’t need to edit function.php after theme update. 🙂

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad that you found it useful.

  39. Al Ortiz

    Tried both the plugin and the functions.php code. It removes part of the footer but leaves the ? Copyright © 2018 Flash. intact. Any suggestions on how to get that portion of it off?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      I rechecked this plugin/code. This removes all other footer credits but, it leaves copyright notice as is. After activating this plugins – Copyright © 2018 Your_SiteName. You may have no problem with this. It is okay for most bloggers. If you want to completely remove the footer including copyright of your site, then you have to make a small change to its code.
      You can edit your plugin like this:

      1. Al Ortiz

        Thank you for your prompt reply. The problem is that the copyright notice includes Flash (Copyright (c) 2018 Flash). It does not replace “Flash” with the site_name.

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          It replaces and is working in my side, what is your site name? I think have to edit your site name. Please replay if problem is not solved.

          1. Maurizio Mazzocco

            Hi Sangam, I have downloaded and installed your Plugin and it works perfectly on a website I’m administrating. I have a question for you: is it possible to modify the text in the footer? I.E. – I’d like to use 2 or 3 lines with newline added by me, instead of leaving the system deciding where to place the new line. If you have time you could take a look at the footer of the site:
            Many thanks for your reply. Maurizio

          2. Sangam

            You can do it by adding text in $credit_value.

      2. فرهاد

        Nice one, Thank you very Muuuuuuuuuuuuuch.

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