How to Restore/Reinstall GRUB Bootloader in Arch Linux

Sometimes disaster may happen and your GRUB bootloader may stop working. In this situation you may need to reinstall/restore GRUB bootloader. For this you need a bootable drive with Arch Linux. So if you don’t have Arch Linux download iso file and create one. Recover GRUB Bootloader in Arch Linux Insert and boot your Arch … Read more

Using Android/PC as a Second Monitor in Linux

Using second monitor is a cool thing that eliminates the burden of changing windows. Windows 10 have already this feature builtin and it is wireless. There are also bunch of apps available to do these things. But with Linux it seems little hard if you don’t know how to do. So here is the few … Read more

How to Install uGet and Setup for Torrent in Ubuntu

uGet is an open-source, lightweight, and full-featured download manager for Linux, Windows, and Android. In Linux, uGet can be replacement for the both famous download manager, Internet Download Manager (IDM) and BitTorrent. This tutorial contains two sections, one is to install the uGet download manager in Linux and second is to setup uGet for downloading … Read more