How to Root BlueStacks Latest Version

BluesStacks is not pre-rooted like other emulators but there is a easy way to root latest BlueStacks versions. Using BSTweaker you can root BlueStacks 4 and almost other old versions too. Here is how to root BlueStacks 4 or you can also download rooted BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is one of the first and the most reliable Android Emulators created for Windows. Recently, BlueStacks has got major changes in the underlying technology and has launched Bluestacks 3 (also known as Bluestacks Gaming Platform) which provides a lot of customization and options for Gamer who play Android Games Windows PC with smooth gaming experience. Here I am going to show you how to root BlueStacks 4 and other older BlueStacks versions.

Root Method – Using BS Tweaker

We will root BlueStacks with BS Tweaker 5. BlueStacks Tweaker is a tool developed by Anatoly79 (he gets all the credit) for modifying BlueStacks 4, 2, 3. It can be used to root BlueStacks, get premium BlueStacks for free, to disable promo ads icon on BlueStacks, to remove banner, to remove App Center & Help Center in BlueStacks 4 & 3 and many more tweaks.

How to Root BlueStacks

  • Extract and open BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Force kill BlueStacks from Main tab
  • Go to Root tab in BS Tweaker and click on Unlock
  • Go to Main tab, open BlueStacks clicking Start BS & let it load completely.
  • Go to Root tab and click on Patch and your BlueStacks is rooted.
  • To install SuperSu 2.79 click on Install SuperSU
  • Then click on Update SU Binary to update the binary
  • If you want to install SuperSU 2.82, install the apk
  • After installing open SuperSU, select Expert user when asked. It will ask to update the SuperSU binary select Continue and select the Normal mode. After updating SU binary click on Ok (reboot will not work since it is not a android device).
  • Restart BlueStacks.
  • You can check root status with root checker app available at play store.
  • If you want to disable App Center & Help Center in BlueStacks, it can be done from OEM tab.

Here is a video tutorial:


Although this screenshots are from BSTweaker 3, BSTweaker 4 has similar interface. I was lazy to update screenshots.

Supported BlueStacks Versions

We can root BlueStacks 4 and all older version from 2.5.xx – 4.3.xx using BS Tweaker. BS Tweaker is always updated and ensures to support all latest BlueStacks versions.

  • BlueStacks 2
  • BlueStacks 3
  • BlueStacks 3N
  • BlueStacks 4 &
  • BlueStacks 4 – 64 bit

Requirements & Downloads

  • BlueStacks installed on your Windows PC/laptop. Download and install BlueStacks if it not already installed from here.
  • Download BlueStacks Tweaker 5 (Google Drive link). (Contains BS Tweaker and SuperSU 2.79)
  • SuperSU 2.82 apk (optional)

Download Rooted BlueStacks

Here is the link to download already rooted BlueStacks –


If you find any problems comment below or visit official XDA forum. Or visit official site of Bluestacks Tweaker. Unable to Root with Root:Patch::False error? Try BS Tweaker 6 Alpha,

Quick Tip

If you need apps/games run faster in emulator but the performance is not good in your low spec PC, then you can try Android OS instead of emulator. Android OS(s) are OS for PC that can be installed in PC(s) and use them like emulators. The different is that in emulator you can only have some resources left for android while installing Android in PC(s) gives Android full resources. That’s why emulator is slow. There are many Android OS. Some well known are Phoenix OS, Remix OS and Android-x86. You can try any of them in your PC.

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  4. Nick Mullinix

    Can you be a little more clear in your instructions? Step #2 has me completely lost. What is “force kill”??? I’ve clicked every single clickable item on the “Main” tab and there is no option fo “force kill”

  5. June Robert Zamora

    Hello, just asking if you can unroot bluestacks using bstweaker?

    1. June Robert Zamora

      nvm, incase someone might be wondering, just click unpatch

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    Thanks for the tutorial. Really helpful. Keep it up bro! Be sure to check out some of my tutorials as well at

    1. Sangam

      Thank you, your blog also looks beautiful.

  7. Vishal

    How to enable developer mode on BlueStacks 4?

    1. Sangam

      Sorry but I don’t know about it. You may ask in XDA.

  8. Hwoarang

    Does not work…Patch, installing Super SU says False all the time…i reseted BLuestacks completely and try again but still False patch and Cant install super su. Any help

    1. faf adfa

      I think the latest version of bstweaker doesn’t support bluestacks 4.2 it only supports like 2.7-4.1. Right Now I am trying to downgrade my bluestacks and see if it works.

  9. Emmy

    Any idea on how to change the main browser to another browser like Firefox as default browser in bluestack 3

  10. Cali

    when I try to patch bluestack it says ROOT:Patch::False
    I did every step carfully and it simply wont patch.
    I use the latested BS and the latest BSTweaker 5
    PLS help

    1. Alec

      The root patch says false need help

      1. Carl

        Been experiencing this issue the whole day, please help. @Sangam

        1. Sangam

          Have you tried with new version of BSTweaker? Download BSTweaker from Google Drive from Requirement section.

          1. Qwerty12345

            need instructions for the new one; old one had a video with a step-by-step instructions; please place notes with the new alpha BST.

          2. keith

            its works, thank you

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            thnkyu bro

    2. zalg

      Same here. Very carefully followed all instructions including unlock etc., but root fails.

  11. Carls

    New bluestacks I need a new version of the root program..

  12. aki

    hi, I’ve successfully rooted my bluestacks 4 but I’m dealing with a problem miserably, my Last Cloudia JP app doesn’t work and always gets me to a black screen, my app is working fine not until I rooted it for fast rerolling. Is there a way to bypass black screen? Any help is appreciated.

    1. Sangam

      I am sorry to say that I can’t help you with this. You can Google for this problem. 😊

  13. Andy Kong

    why my BST stucked at starting engine after installing xposed?

  14. uplatenewcastle

    Can we get root access on a MAC using bluestacks

    1. Sangam

      Yes there is way to root BlueStacks in Mac also. But you need to Google.

    2. deji

      hello did you find a way please

  15. frakeit

    superSU say “There is no SU binary installed. If you just upgraded to android 5.0, you need manually re-root”, im using bluestacks 4 64-bit.

  16. Howell

    Does bluestack site also allow me to get other application that is not seen in google play store? How does it work and will it be safe to install this to my phone? Is it safe and free of viruses? I just want to confirm and erase my worries. It seems that this will be very helpful for me, especially if I need some applications that I need for school. I hope someone can enlighten me here. Thanks.

    1. Sangam

      You can install apps in BlueStacks that are not in play store but you need to pay attention.

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    sahi ho bro.. nice one..

  19. superuserjjp

    Ok… So… That very short experience would be exactly what I would refer to as the most NO-FRILLS root of any Android device I’ve experienced to date. And I’ve been rooting with Chainfire since the days of Galaxy S 5’s. Anyway’s… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and then probably again, and even yet aga,,, ALRIGHT I’ll stop. PLEASE for the love of (your) god, READ the instructions. Word by word, line by line and to the top and over again until you understand what you are doing. Take your time and pay close attention and I promise you that you will figure it out. Most of you anyway.
    @ OP, Very nice job. I literally had it done in 5 minutes start to finish. Thank you very much for keeping it short, sweet and effective. Unlike this post…..

    1. Sangam

      Thank you. User just need to be careful as you said.

  20. mm

    I click “Start BS” and wait until it loads completely. However, when I go to Root tab, “Patch” button is not click-able.

    1. Sangam

      You need to unlock BlueStacks (step 2) first while BS is fully closed. Force close BS and unlock (step2).

    2. SZ

      Bruh there is no unlock on my root tab ???how?

      1. Sangam

        There should be lock and unlock buttons on root tab. You downloaded BSTweaker from here or anywhere else?

  21. Joey

    Bluestacks won’t open after rooting. It loads up to like 98% and then nothing. I tried restarting computer but still won’t open.

    1. Sangam

      New version of BS Tweaker is available, you can try downloading new version and root again. It will work.

  22. shra

    whenever i try to purchase, it says unable to connect google play. that happened after i downgraded gplay because the freedom app told me to. what to do now, could you help me please?

    1. Sangam

      This seems problem due to Google Play Service. You can try reinstalling Play Service and Play Store manually.

  23. Jonathan

    Do I need to uninstall bluestacks 4 and reinstall it before doing all this?

    1. Sangam

      No you don’t need to uninstall BlueStacks.

  24. niel

    why does it say update su binary read only false when i click update su binary

    1. Sangam

      Update SU binary from BlueStacks Tweaker, it will work.

  25. Richard

    After the Root i lost my “Home” page. And i cant find a way to get it back?

    1. Sangam

      Does it showing any error? May be you have disabled it from BSTweaker.

  26. Mason Clement

    How do i use this with snapchat?

  27. Bleh

    Just a pure white screen when I open bluestack tweaker.

  28. Deepika Pethani

    Can i play PUBG with the help of Bluestacks ???

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Only if you have high end PC. Instead of playing PUBG Mobile in emulator, it is better to play PUBG PC Lite. If you want to play PUBG Mobile in a low end PC, install Phoenix OS which is an Android OS.

  29. deanl

    Thank you

  30. Christopher

    Works perfectly with Bluestacks 4.. Many thanks for the instructions.

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  31. morningstar

    mine shows me a critical warning when i try to patch saying that the path doesnt exist

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Maybe your BSTweaker is of older version. Download latest BSTweaker..

  32. atlasd

    Latest version of bluestack is bluestcaks 4 kindly update the post.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Please refer to the tutorial in XDA.. Link given at the last of this post.

  33. New User

    What if it says “There is no SU binary installed and Super SU cannot install it.”?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      The latest version of Super SU shows this problem. I have already described to use older version which is SuperSU 2.79.

  34. Subodh Aryal

    Thank you for the valuable Information!

  35. Hanaan

    After all work Supersu is showing Root Undetected
    What should I do?

  36. Marwan Amireh

    After I finished everything, whenever I open an app at Bluestacks, it just shows me a black screen, Help!

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Sorry for the late reply, I was busy. Which app your are trying to open?

  37. Prathamesh

    It shows AM:Root:Patch True on BS Tweaker…
    But when I open SU on Blustacks it says that BS is not rooted.

  38. Jon

    Thanks, it is working.

  39. Daphne D.

    Another amazing feature that was added in Bluestacks 3 is the chat feature and I love it!

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Yes it is good feature, we can chat with our friends while playing.

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    Oh thanks for telling about that unlock option I am trying to root from many days finally your trick works.

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