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Easiest way to Activate Microsoft Windows and Office for Free using Microsoft Activation Scripts

MAS (Microsoft Activation Scripts) is a collection of scripts for activating all Microsoft Windows versions (Windows 11 included) and Office products using HWID / KMS38 / Online KMS activation method. This scripts also supports Windows 11. So you can easily activate Windows 11, 10, 7 for free, This awesome collection of scripts are provided by massgravel and is opensource. I have already described about HWIDGen and KMSPico to activate Windows and Microsoft Office products in some previous articles but MAS provides easiest way with less antivirus detection and user friendliness.

How to use MAS to activate Windows

Go to the bottom of this page and download MAS_1.4_Password_1234.7z file from the download section. However the file name can change as new version is released, always get the latest version from the download link. As you can see password is given in the file name which is 1234 and also in the GitHub download page below changelog.

Now you need to extract the files inside this archive. If you don’t have any archive manager installed in your Windows you may need to install 7-Zip. Default archive manager in Windows does not support .7z format and also does not support encrypted files. Personally I don’t use Windows because of so many reasons but sometimes it is needed anyway.

Now you will have two folders inside MAS, first is All-In-One-Version and second is Separate-File-Version. The difference between them is, in second folder script for different activation methods are given separately so you can choose what script you need to run. However in first script you are asked what script you want to run. So basically both are same and you can use script in the first folder.

You will get a .cmd file inside the folder All-In-One-Version which contains all the scripts. Double click to run the script and you will asked what you want to do next.

HWID Activation is digital license activation which provides lifetime activation for Windows only. KMS38 can activate Windows and Server until 2038. You should try KMS38 if HWID Activation fails or does not work. The last is Online KMS Activation which can activate Windows, Server and Office for a limited time (180 days). After that it expires. But you can create auto renewal task with MAS to activate for lifetime. One more thing is HWID survives disk format and re-installation of Windows since it uses hardware ID but KMS do not survive and you need to redo KMS activation.

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  1. Nora

    I was using HWIDGen from your another article that was great. Now this tool comes with full package and I can activate both Windows and Office. Thank you for such tools.

    1. Sangam

      Thank your for the feedback. I always post article which can be beneficial to me and others, and if I feet it should be shared. However these tools are not made by me. I am just sharing what I found over the internet.

  2. kluesch

    wow you saved me. thankyou i lost my real info the last 20h update fried my ssd and
    had to put in a 5400 rpm temporarlly and i couldnt find my info. great work and keep it up.
    i like your sight im thinking after this to go to linux distro when i get my new ssd.

    1. Sangam

      Thank you Kluesch. Yes you should try Linux. I also run Linux as my daily driver and Windows only when I need it in some cases. Linux can also run in a low end PC and gives you complete control.

  3. Lungani Emmanue DLAMINI

    Hi, How to activate ms office?

  4. Raúl González

    Hi, the file ask for a password to unzip

    1. Sangam

      File is encrypted to make sure contents inside zip are safe. Password is given in the file name 1234. I will update article too.

  5. DEEP

    work on windows 8.1?

  6. hmm

    when i try the online activator it keeps saying that i have no internet connection. what a flop

  7. Nak

    Thank you Sangam.

  8. My PC

    Amazing, thank you so much. Was fiddling around for hours, this worked beautifully.

  9. Mo Rasal

    After we enter 2 in the command prompt, what should we do?

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