Is KMSPico Safe To Use? How To Download Real KMSPico?

KMSPico is Key Management System to activate Microsoft products, like Windows and Office. Microsoft uses MAK (Multiple Activation Keys) and KMS (Key Management System) for activation of Windows in volume basis.  MAK keys are used to phoning back to Microsoft’s server similarly clients using KMS activates Windows by phoning to KMS server in local network rather than Microsoft’s.

I recommend to use HWIDGen or MAS instead of KMSPico. They are easy to use and are permanent solutions which also supports Windows 11. [HWID] How can you Activate Windows 10 for Free with HWIDGen. [MAS] Easiest way to Activate Microsoft Windows and Office for Free using Microsoft Activation Scripts

KMSPico replaces the original key with the volume licensed key and creates a emulated instance of KMS server locally avoiding online activation. So your Windows system can’t connect to online server and continues to work with that replaced license key thinking it as original key. That’s why antivirus and Windows defender spots KMSPico as a virus.

This does not mean all KMSPico in the internet is real and virus free. If you install a fake KMSPico then your PC will be full of malware.

I have also used KMSPico and it worked well without giving any problem to my machine (Windows 10). But now I use HWID Windows Activator. I also don’t use any antivirus app because Windows defender works great in Windows 10.

Some site tells that KMSPico is harmful (like this one) but it is only if you download and install a fake activator. I have provided some links to download official KMSPico Windows activator.

How to download Official KMSPico?

There are many websites that claims to be official site of KMSPico but unfortunately there are not any official site. There is a official forum for KMSPico (here’s the official forum, by the way) that contains KMSPico and other KMS Tools. You may need to signup to see and download from there. For convenient I have provided you the direct download link for KMSPico and other KMS Tools at the end of this post.

Never download KMSPico from any website there is no official site for it as creator of KMSPico said;

small portion of legal notice by heldigard

KMSPico password: 2016 | Nova’s Portable version password: 4all

Disable your antivirus, firewall and defender real time scan before extracting the files. Antivirus may delete those files without informing you. Don’t forget to open readme.txt, it contains all information about installation and activation.

Official KMSPico Site [forum]

Official site [forum] of KMSPico is KMSPico Official Forum and KMSPico Portable Official Forum.

Direct download links

These links are provided by developers in My Digital Life forum.

If above official download links are not working and you trust me download from my Google Drive link below.

Google Drive –

How to activate Windows?

  1. Uninstall any previous version first; run UnInstall_Service.cmd with admin rights
  2. Run KMSpico_setup.exe
  3. Install it
  4. Done

Have a problem on activating Windows? See FAQ.

[UPDATE – HWID Windows Activator]

KMSPico is not updated for a long time. But it is still working. There is another better Windows activator (HWID) that does not detect as virus. It is totally clean and can be uninstalled once used. Unlike KMSPico you do not need to reactivate Windows after certain time. Here is a article about activating Windows with Digital License (HWID) – How can you Activate Windows 10 for Free.

Read the instruction before installing. Mostly activating using HWID mode works for Normal Windows 10 Home/Pro version. And it will require a internet connection.

What other users says about KMSPico


  • Can I install the updates after using this application?
    • Until now yes.
  • It is this permanent?
    • Until now for Windows 6,7,8,8.1,10 it will automatic reactivate it often, so yes.
  • It only activate for 30 days or 45 days?
    • It is not possible in real kms activate a ProWMC/Core, but thanks to the emulator is possible activate it for 30 days in W8 and 45 days for W8.1.
  • My anti-virus alert like crazy!
    • If you downloaded the file from another location, we don’t know what other people do with the file. The file here only has false positives.
  • I need internet connection?
    • No.
  • I can’t activate Windows 8.1 only Office, HELP!!!
    • If you are having problems with activating windows and the log is:
      20:13:26:322 Installing Key: -9D6T9
      20:13:26:403 Error: C004E016 InstallProductKey
      20:13:26:562 Error: C004F013 RefreshLicenseStatus
      20:13:26:917 Found Windows Products: 1
      20:13:26:919 Name: Windows(R), Professional edition
      Description: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel GracePeriodRemaining: 0
      LicenseStatus: 0
      PartialProductKey: 9Y92F
      GenuineStatus: 1
    • Install a fresh RTM edition if you are using an evaluation version.
  • Does not Work!!!
    • Some anti-virus block the applications, give the respective exceptions.
  • Nothing Work!!!
    • Do a fresh install.
  • It activate, but the watermark is still there!
    • Reboot.
  • I am afraid, my windows/office is genuine/legit activated. Do this application will broke my license?
    • The application is designed to check a permanent activation either windows or office and avoid it. Older versions was buggy, but the main idea of this app is be smart and take the right choice without any intervention.
  • Where are the log files of this program?
    • Program Files -> KMSpico -> logs
  • What are these?.. Encrypt/Decrypt, Install/Portable/OEM/Service?
    • OEM: The normal install edition to be inserted in ISO windows edition.
    • Portable: to those who are paranoid and dont want leave any traces (Included in Install edition).
    • Only Service: It is just the service that reactivate every 24 hours (Included in Install edition).
    • Encrypt/Decrypt: Small app that encrypts text. Creator used this to publish the link of folder.
    • Install: The most complete one.

For complete notes read here.

More tools in reddit-

This Post Has 51 Comments

    1. Sangam

      Yes there are too many fake sites claiming to be official but actually there is no official site for KMSPico. Genuine copy is only available at MyDigitalLife.

  1. Martin

    Thank you Sangam!!! Worked perfect for me on Office 2013 from your G Drive file.

  2. raymond

    When I use kms nova portable(the one that is recommended), Microsoft office 2019 says that office 2016 is activated even though I’m using office 2019. I don’t have office 2016 installed

    1. Sangam

      May be you need new version please check the official forum which is described in the post.

  3. faizan ali

    hi sangam, i just wanna use one note microsoft 2016 , do i need kms ?

    1. Sangam

      Yes you can use KMS to activate it.

  4. Arun Arya

    KMSPico activates windows only for 180 days. I have activated windows 10 with KMSPico earlier this year and now its saying windows 10 licence expire soon. I checked using command prompt to see the remaining days and there’s only 19 days left.
    So my question is do HWID activates windows permanently and will it get regular cumulative updates?

    1. Sangam

      Yes HWID Gen will activate Windows permanently and you will get updates too.

  5. Lukman N N

    Thanks bro you fixed my issue thanks for the windows activator.

    1. Deep

      Hwid gen not working in 8.1. kmspico only 180 days activate

  6. Saif Ali

    So What About is downloading from this website safe?

    1. Sangam

      I can’t guarantee if that site is safe or not. I already told that there is no any official site for KMSPico.

  7. Mike

    Hi Sangam,
    I did a new installation of W7 Ultimate on my laptop’s new hard drive from CD I trust as I already used it for previous install. Back then I was using Windows Loader 2.1.7 zip file to activate but somehow I was not able to extract the file this time or even run the exe that I extracted back then (despite Windows Defender stopped).
    The extraction would run into an error and only extract a checksum file and running the exe file would simply crash.
    So today I’m trying KMSpico. Not sure if it’s the same team who developped Windows loader… but it feels like so.
    The installation wizard failed during the file extraction process. I got 2 pop up errors (one was from autopico.exe). They both said the same thing, that I needed .NETframework 4.0.30319.
    Does it mean that before installing KMSpico on a new W7 install, we need to Windows update to run first to update the .NET framework?
    I’m also considering using Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz Team which I found on Google:
    Can we trust the Daz team and is this their official site?
    Else, where can I get a trustful Windows Loader, preferably an older version that would not require me to go through the long Windows update process?
    Many thanks for the help guys.

    1. Sangam

      You may not need .NET Framework I am not 100% sure. You can trust these makers as it is the official KMSpico. Or you can use HWID Gen which is much cleaner and permanent.

    1. Sangam

      This comment was marked as spam and I moved it from spam comments.
      This is the answer to your question “What if all those comments are bots?”

  8. MynameJeff

    Now is this legit? Is this site even legit? I just wanna find a way to unlock windows and my paranoid ass can’t trust anything. What if all those comments are bots? Why there’s no date on their posts? Why does your site have a negative review on scamadviser that says you stole his data? What if you are meta-scamming people by advising them how to not get scammed so you can get their trust?
    For now I am gonna sit like this and forget about it till someday I grow the balls to download it ignoring the fact that my every activity on my pc could be monitored by some hacker. Am I overthinking? yeah I think I do.
    Peace out Sangam, will wait for you reply.

    1. Sangam

      Don’t worry I also have solution for your type of person or my type, who does not trust. If I were you I also will not trust any other sites. That is why in my every article (post) I try to add the link to original developer.
      And there is a bold heading saying “Official KMSPico Site [forum]” if your eyes didn’t see it.
      Also I am not KMSPico developer and will not say that orignal KMSPico is harmless because it is closed source. You have no choice if you don’t want to pay to Microsoft.
      And there is no any review (neither +ve nor -ve) on ScamAdvisor for my site.

    2. Deep

      My digital forums are genuine?

  9. nawak

    Respect bro hope you’ll have a happy life thanks for sharing this useful informations

  10. Akshat

    How to activate MS Office 2019 permanently with and without kms.

    1. Sangam

      Unlike Windows, Microsoft Office are not available for life time subscription. That’s why KMS can only activate it for some months. Another solution is to use cracked Office which I don’t recommend. You can use KMS Pico Nova’s Portable and use it to activate when it expires.

  11. Duude

    Thanks it worked for me

  12. suman


  13. Harish Panwar

    This version of kmspico is genuine & virus free, download it.

  14. joao tascas

    Thx for the info, i am gonna try this one.

  15. Oli

    Ive just got virused

    1. Sangam

      You should have taken care when downloading from untrusted sites. Download from this site, it is 100% secure.

  16. Sadik

    What do you mean by working key? Does it malfunction?

  17. Sadik

    Hey man, if i use key for activating windows , do i have to face any trouble?

    1. Sangam

      No, if you find working key you can use it.

  18. Sadik

    How could you be so sure that , this link wont contain any virus….?
    And you’re suggesting us to turn off real time scanner?
    And if HWID is safe and sound , why no one else is talking about it?

    1. Sangam

      I was using KMSPico downloaded from official forum. However it requires to sign in to download the attachments. That’s why I uploaded it in my site. I only telling it safe because I found it safe. If you don’t trust KSMPico buy a license. If you can’t buy there is no other option than downloading KMSPico from official forum which I have already shared the link. And remember creator of KMSPico never made a website to share KMSPico that means any website claiming to be official is unofficial.
      The reason of HWID is not so popular is it can’t activate Microsoft Office.

      1. Sadik

        If i download the following link you given , will it be detected as a virus again?

        1. Sangam

          Yes KMSPico always detects as virus also original one due to this it is hard to distinguish real and fake one.

      2. Sadik

        But the thing is my downloader dont get it downloaded and detect as a virus and i can’t run it. What should i do?

        1. Sangam

          Turn off antivirus and defender.

  19. Black

    Portable version is password protected. Please provide password

  20. Aashish

    it says cannot execute

  21. Adrien

    Thanks a lot man, I’ve been looking for a non-suspicious version for a long time !
    Had to click the exe twice and wait a couple of minutes but it works perfectly

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Yes, always be aware while downloading files from internet.

  22. Sherylle Barnes

    You know KMSPICO isn’t secure to install and use it off. Because I almost used every best software too but none of them are fully secure expect KMS Activator.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Thanks for your information. But I never used any other activator than KMSPico. They both are from same origin and uses same activation method.

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