What is Flashing (Nokia S40)?

Flashing means reinstalling firmware or the mobile’s operating system (OS). While flashing all the mobile data and firmware installed in the mobile is cleared and new firmware is installed. If the process of flashing is inturrepted then the mobile becomes dead and can’t be repaired. So flashing a mobile is not a game and don’t try to flash your mobile if you are not sure or your mobile is ok. Only flash your mobile if there is no any options to repair your mobile.
Things to know before flashing:

  1. Flashing is easy as well as tough. It can damage your mobile if process is not correctly done or due to interruption.
  2. System faliure or crashing of computer, data cable disconnection and any interruption may cause damage to your mobile. So use good pc or laptop and good data cable.
  3. Don’t turn off your pc while flashing it may brick your mobile. So use laptop if available than computer.
  4. Only flash your mobile if it is necessary.

Do these before flashing:

  1. Backup your all important contents.
  2. Restore mobile first. To restore dail *#7370#.
    This may solve your problem. If this don’t solves your problem proceed further.

Flash your mobile if you have these problems:

  1. Your mobile is not working properly.
  2. You have software related problem and is not solved by restoring your mobile.
  3. Mobile is not turning on after software update.
  4. ‘Test Mode’ is shown on your mobile screen and mobile not turning on.
  5. Mobile restarts automatically time to time.
  6. You deleted necessary preinstalled apps and you want the apps back now.


  1. Computer
  2. Nokia Suite
  3. Flashing software
  4. Data cable

Flashing softwares:

  1. BEST – BB5 Easy Service Tool (recommended)
  2. Phoenix
  3. J.A.F with PKey emulator

Downloading flash files:

  1. Download flash files for your mobile from http://mrcrab.net. It gives official firmware files.
  2. To find product code of your mobile dail *#0010#.

You will see following:

Content: mr_059C7M3
V 08.70
(c) Nokia

The product code is 059C7M3 (case sensitive).
After downloading from mrcrab.net erase first 8 letters and an ‘_’ from the files. If your downloaded files are;
mcu- B3EE545F_rm709__08.70.mcusw
ppm- 68AD42B6_rm709__08.70.ppm_mr
cnt- 8644F4CD_rm709__08.70.image_mr_059C7M3
then rename them to;
mcu- rm709__08.70.mcusw
ppm- rm709__08.70.ppm_mr
cnt- rm709__08.70.image_mr_059C7M3
Don’t download flash files from anywhere.
Types of flash files needed:

  1. mcu – This is main firmware file. It must be selected during flashing. It ends with zero or letters ‘mcusw’.
    e.g.- rm709__08.70.mcusw
  2. ppm – It is language file and with alphabets like a, b, c or ab, ac, ad etc. In some models it ends with numbers like 01, 02, 03, ……, 31, 32, 33.
    e.g.- rm709__08.70.ppm_mr
  3. cnt – This file contains multimedia like wallpapers, ringtones, logos etc. It contains the words ‘ucp’, ‘nai’, or ‘image’ in its name.
    e.g.- rm709__08.70.image_mr_059C7M3You don’t need other files for flashing.


Flashing tutorial:
See my another blog Flashing Nokia S40 Using BEST.

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