Best Android Apps to Play YouTube Videos in Background

Actually YouTube app in mobile devices allows to play videos in the background but you need to buy a premium membership. But here are some amazing Android apps that can play YouTube video in the background and also provides downloading feature. Isn’t it amazing? I am listing 3 Android apps to play YouTube videos in … Read more

How to get rid of xHelper Virus

xHelper is a Android malware that installs from third party apps and shows ads and popups. xHelper can reinstall itself after factory reset so it makes it impossible to remove this malware. According to Malwarebytes this app does not steal any data but shows spam notification and popups which leads to downloading other apps. Till … Read more

5 Best Proxy Server Apps For Android in 2019

Your online privacy is your right and, you should not pay for it. We all know the fact public WiFi is a great security risk and your android device could be a great danger when you are accessing the public WiFi. So, what’s the best way you securing your android device? The right answer is- … Read more

Phoenix OS Troubleshooting

Phoenix OS now is the most installed Android OS for PCs. After the launch of PUBG Mobile game it became favorite among emulator players. I am also using it. Phoenix OS can be installed with executable files in Windows and Mac, but one have to manually install it using Linux. After installing Phoenix OS one … Read more

Must have Apps for your Android (Root)

Manufacturer and vendor may put lots of junk in android mobile for their benefits and for advertising. So I always remove unwanted apps that I don’t like to use which are preinstalled. Beside that I use few other apps to increase productivity in my android mobile and I am going to share some of them … Read more