Fixing Android is Starting Message on Every Reboot

I had installed Xposed Framework in my old Samsung J2 but it made a new problem for me. The problem was a message saying “Android is starting – Starting apps” on every reboot. I figured out it was due to some apps and I needed to find that app.

It will be not feasible to factory reset android or uninstalling app one by one to solve this issue. So I came across a solution to find those apps. Here is what I did to solve android is starting – starting apps or optimizing apps message on reboots.

You need working adb in your PC and a data cable. I am not telling how to setup adb in PC, you have to find it yourself. First of all enable USB debugging from Developer options. Connect your device to the PC and type adb devices. Then it will ask for authorization. Make sure to tick Always allow for this computer option and allow USB authorization. After succesfully making connection power down your android device.

In terminal in your PC type adb logcat > log.txt

That will save log in the file log.txt. At the moment you type this command your android is turned off and it adb will just wait for device. Now turn on your device and let it boot completely. After completing the booting process stop adb logcat using ctrl+c.

Now open the log.txt file and search for .dex or Running dexopt as in this image.

Creation of odex files are the cause of this message. All odex files are created during first boot and while installing apps. You can see here which apps are causing to check and recreate odex files on every boot. Just unistall those apps and reboot your android. In my case it was Galaxy Shooting game. Now the android is starting – android is optimizing problem should be gone. After reboot reinstall those apps.

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