Must have Apps for your Android (Root)

Manufacturer and vendor may put lots of junk in android mobile for their benefits and for advertising. So I always remove unwanted apps that I don’t like to use which are preinstalled. Beside that I use few other apps to increase productivity in my android mobile and I am going to share some of them here.

If you have not rooted your android you can see the instruction in How To Root With Magisk? A Systemless Android Root Interface.

These are my must have apps for rooted Android

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the app that I can’t stay without it. Actually it does not require root access to work but needs for screen lock and clock visibility, so I don’t want to miss this cool app. Nova Launcher is a lightweight launcher for android with tons of great features. It is very configurable and gives almost all features an android user may want. I will just say Nova Launcher is incomparable with other launchers.

2. CF.lumen

Nobody wants sleeping problems. Excessive use of mobile phone/PC may cause inability to sleep at night. This is because of the blue light coming from the screen which suppresses the production of sleeping hormones. That’s why there are apps said to protect eyes. That are nothing but a blue light filtering apps. Among them CF.lumen from the developer of SuperSU, is the best and works with root and without root. Without root you can’t get full benefit of CF.lumen since it only puts overlay of red light. With root it gives actual color filter and performance.

3. AFWall+

Not all user have unlimited data plan or user may want to control data usage more accurately then there comes AFWall+. It is open source and uses iptables and needs root to work. It can be used to control mobile data or WiFi data for each app separately. You can allow or block data usage or WiFi usage for an app. I always use it and don’t have to care about apps that unnecessarily eats mobile data. I found android consuming mobile data even when background data is restricted. Turn on and setup AFWall+ then just forget about foreground and background data.

4. AdAway

I don’t like annoying popups and ads that’s why I love this app. AdAway is an ad-blocker for android able to block system wide ads. That means it can block ads from your browsers (like Chrome, Firefox), apps and all other stuffs. It modifies hosts file to make all ads link to redirect to localhost so ads links are unreachable from your mobile and no ads will be downloaded. It is highly configurable and does not drop performance. You can also add your own ads links or use other third party list. It also supports system-less host through Magisk module. You have to enable system-less host from Magisk Manager setting before applying ad-blocker.

5. Viper4Android

If you are an audiophile then there is no way you won’t like this app. Viper4Android is the only audio modification app that enhances audio sound quality as you like. If you have used Pulse Effects in Linux then you know its features. There are other apps like Dolby Atmos but they don’t provide customization like Viper. With Viper one can get benefit of Dolby, Beats, Sony and other audio mods too using convolver. There is no Play Store version of it. There is one app with its name and asks for donation. Don’t use Play Store version, its completely free. Just download from XDA Developers Forum. There is also Magisk module of it. You should try that if you use Magisk.

6. Link2SD

This is great app if you have low phone memory and struggling to install apps. If memory becomes full and you can’t install more apps you can use Link2SD to move installed app to SD card. But for the you need a seperate ext4 partition on SD card to store the apk, libs and data. You can find tutorial about that in XDA Forum easily. In short Link2SD allows you to have an app completely in SD card instead of phone memory. It also has features like freezing app and converting between system and user app.

7. Titanium Backup

This is the app that can save you from disaster. Rooted android easily bricks if you alter system files incorrectly. You may have important app and you don’t want to loose its data. It may be game you don’t want to restart progress or app hard to configure again. Titanium Backup is backup tool that can backup apk along with its data. It has ability to install app as system, freeze apps, cloud sync and many more. It is available as both free and paid version. Free version excludes few extra features.

8. Multiple Accounts

This app is really useful when you want or need multiple profiles in a single app. You may need using two Facebook accounts or game accounts then this app makes it easy. It is not only limited to two accounts, you can create as many you want. What it does is, it backups and restores app data when you change account from multiple accounts. This may lead to high space usage if the app has big data. If an app has 20MB of data then creating its 3 profile makes 60MB of data for Multiple Account. There are other apps that can be used to run multiple instance at same time. However I needed more than 2 profiles for a game so I preferred this.

9. Lucky Patcher

You read the list of apps above, this app is what you can use to patch and get paid version for free. Lucky Patcher is a patching tool which can patch apps for various mods and in-app purchase. It supports patch for disabling ads, bypass license verification and in-app purchase etc. It can be also used as Xposed module where in-app purchase and license verification works without patching apps.

10. Airfrozen

Some apps may be crappy but you may need it sometimes only, like ShareIt. You may want to disable these app when you don’t need it. In this situation Airfrozen comes handy. This app can be used to quickly freeze multiple apps at once and also quickly unfreeze and launch.

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