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How to Save Battery in Your Android Mobile?

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Android is the most used mobile OS with increasing popularity. Android has all the good features but battery drains very fast. Only in a day it consumes all the battery. Android becoming a heavy OS has many background processes running. Also some apps runs in background consuming RAM and power which leads to fast battery drain.

How to save battery and RAM?

You may have facing problems that your apps are consuming more RAM, apps like Facebook and Messenger are RAM suckers. Hence people find its alternative apps. But you can force stop the apps you are not using currently so that it won’t run in background resulting more free RAM and extended battery life. To do this go to Settings >> Application >> All. Then find your app and force stop. Now the app won’t run unless you started it again. Some apps may start automatically and starts during restart.

Manually doing this may be tedious to you so there is an app Greenify that hibernates all app in one click and automatically in rooted mobiles. There are many apps that claims to save battery but these apps are not working well while Greenify works like a charm and do it’s best. You can also choose which apps to hibernate.