How To Earn Money for Free in Nepal Using Khalti Wallet (Refer and Earn)

Khalti is newly launched wallet service in Nepal. It is a digital payment service that provides cashless transactions for various Bill Payments, Mobile Recharges, DTH payments, Money Transfers, Domestic Remittance, shopping and wallet payments. It is an easy way to send money or accept payments instantly.


Khalti is providing Refer and Earn service from which you can earn money by referring this to your friend and family. If you refer to your friend you and your friend both get NRs. 10. If you both verify your account and fill KYC form then Khalti gives you more NRs. 20. Many similar service do not let you transfer your money until you reach the fund limit. But with this Khalti App you can transfer your money instantly. I got NRs. 10 after signing up my account using my brother referral code and I recharged my Ncell number.



  • Open this link to go to Khalti website and create a new account. You can also download Khalti App from play store and open this link Khalti App to earn. (you must have to signup using referral link, you can also use referral code aLhyth to get NRs.10 as bonus)
  • Now confirm your mobile number. To confirm your mobile number, you have to confirm the code sent to you mobile number from Khalti.
  • After successfully creating your account, you will get NRs. 10. You can transfer it to your mobile if you want.
  • To earn more NRs. 20 you have to fill your form. It includes your name, citizenship etc to confirm your account. The notification of filling the form is given in your Khalti dashboard.
  • After filling that KYC form. You will get more NRs. 20. However it will take some days to verify your KYC form.
  • Now its time to earn more by referring this to your friend and family. When you friend signup you both of you will get Rs.10. If you friend also fills the KYC form then both of you will get NRs. 20. To refer to other friends go to LOYALTY >> Refer and Earn. You will be given a link just copy and send to others.
  • Keep referring to your friend and tell them to signup and keep getting your money for free.
  • Actually it is not free, because you are advertising Khalti Wallet. And I have already earned NRs. 1100.
  • Isn’t it cool?

Don’t forget to form KYC form and comment your earning below and your problem if any.

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  1. Kamal Prasad Bhusal

    I also didn’t get bonus

    1. Sangam

      Because offer is expired already.

      1. vivek karki

        bro khalti username kasari change garne ..

  2. Rajan Shah

    New version khalti app ma “Reffer and earn” ko option aaudain bro.What to do???

  3. Suman

    yo refer code chai kasari aauchha ?? ani maile sathiharu lai invite gare ra 1jana sathi le signup pani garyo tara mero ma balance nai aayena ta ..give me idea

  4. Kshitij

    Dai yestai site chai kasari banaunu parxa plse give some idea

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      About me page hera. Aile mero exam xa, exam sakesi es bisayma help garnexu.

  5. Kshitij

    Dai 20 rupaiya kamauna kaso garnu

  6. yogesh

    Khalti app ma sidhai rko mobile ma code hanera paisa kasari aauxa.

  7. suman chand

    dai maile ek id signup garda tala riffeal code magena.
    ani tystai sifnup gareko 10 rupiyaa aayenaa

  8. Hoisang lama

    dai aaile tw khalti apps vata account nai khuldaina tw kenna????

  9. Gobinda Poudel

    Sir, metro anurodh k chha vane metro profile name kina fake(arkai) aauxa? metro name ra email sahi kina aaudaina?

  10. Rahul

    Bro mero khalti aap bata new account banauda refferal code nai harauxa !!!
    1 account banauda harauxa ani fer unstall gari link bata download garda aauxa ….ani feri harauxa !!yasto kina vako hola

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Tya testai ho. Share garne link ko last ma code hunxaa tei code referral code ho. Pahilako comment pani hera. Best of luck..

  11. Sagar

    It is working for me..and I got 160. hahah..

  12. Kushal

    Yo referal code halne thaau iphone ma chaina t???
    Ani referral code halne thaau chaina vane kasari banaunu paisa iphone ma?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Signup garda referral code magdaina?? Magnu parne ho, sab vanda talatira hola. Xaina vane referral link kholnu parxa hola.

  13. Sameer

    yo khalti app ma aafno code kasari banauna sakinxa?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Sabai user lai signup garepaxi referral code diyeko hunxa. Referral code thaha pauna “Refer & Earn” khola and tya tmro share/refer gaarne link hunxa, Tyo link ko last ko code referral code ho. Mero share link esto xa, ra aLhyth mero referral code ho.

      1. Krishna

        gXabnf is a code man

  14. Suraj

    Ani broo yo aako paisa k jati khera chalaye ni hunx ki limited time ko lagi hoo

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Jati khera chalayeni hunxa hola. But aako paisa bonus balance ho so j pani huna sakxa. Mobile ma transfer garda ramro.

  15. Kyogin

    How do you transfer the money to your phone?

  16. Raj Shahi

    I fill KYC but till i didn’t get Rs. 20.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      It takes some days to verify your KYC form. After verifying you will be awarded Rs. 10. It took 4 days for me.

  17. Niroj

    How to get federal code?

      1. Samrat

        in which version of khalti apk can I found have referral code system

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Latest version. The last code in your referral link is your referral code. Best of luck..

  18. Anonymous

    Is it safe using our citizenship certificate filling kyc form?

  19. Gagan

    Thanks for information. It is really working. Thank u. ??

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