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How to Check Last 1 Year Call History in Ncell

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Mobile phones are unlikely to store call records for too long periods. We can get call records of a month or maybe two months when call history is not tampered. But how to check Ncell call history up to one year if you need. What if you mistakenly deleted call history and now you need an important number. You would probably ask to customer care centers.

Instead of calling customer care center you can see your last 1 year call history and also you can download it. Ncell Web Self Care portal provides this feature for every Ncell users. Any users can check their incoming and outgoing call history. It provides complete information about these calls including call time and before & after balance. From which one can get balance deducted from these calls and also get plenty of information.

Ncell Web Self Care also provides message history, GPRS (data) history and recharge history. Ncell Web Self Care used to be Ncell Ecare in previous days but now it is Self Care. You can signup for Ncell Care with your Ncell mobile number and can use the services provided. Among many services some are free SMS, balance recharge & transfer and loan.

Below is instruction for creating a Ncell Self Care account and checking Ncell call history.

Create Ncell Self Care account

  • Go to
  • Click on Register Your Account.
  • Put your mobile number and click on OTP; Ncell will send you OTP. Then fill remaining fields and click Register Now.

Check Ncell call history

  • Go back to
  • Fill you mobile number and password and login.
  • Select Common Services then Call Detail.
  • Click on Get OTP, put received OPT and click Next.
  • Now you can see your call history.

You can change the start and end time to see call history between these time periods. For example, if you want to see last one month call history in Ncell; set start date to 27-Shrawan-2076 and end date to 27-Bhadra-2076.

To check history of other services like SMS, GPRS (data) or recharge, click on Service Type drop-down menu and select a service you want to check history of. Then it will show history of that service.

You can also send free SMS to Ncell numbers with daily limit of 10. Recharge and load service is also available in Ncell Self Care. Actually one can do a lot more things easily using Ncell Self Care.

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