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Ncell Monthly Data Pack at Cheapest Rate 2017

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Now Ncell is providing small data packs for fair usage. In this plan customer can buy 30 day pack at minimum rate, available from Rs. 9 to Rs. 250. Below is the list of new monthly data pack by Ncell.

Price (with tax) All time pack Day pack Night pack
Rs.9 20Mb 40Mb 80Mb
Rs.20 50Mb 100Mb 200Mb
Rs.100 300Mb 600Mb 1200Mb
Rs.150 500Mb 1000Mb 2000Mb
Rs.250 1000Mb 2000Mb 4000Mb

To buy data pack dial *123#.
You can check Ncell Data Plans – All About Data Packages and Prices for all available data packs.

Above mentioned data packs are not available now.

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  1. Rajesh Rai

    sir ! yo yojana sadako lagi hoki wa….kehi din mahina ko lagi ho…..samachhar ma ta 3 months lagi matra…..yadi yo data pakge sadako lagi hune vaye…hami jasto users lai sajilo ra sasto huna jane thiyo…so plz consider for ncell users……

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Ncell le vane anusar arko notice na aaunjel yo data pack kayam rahanxa.
      (This data pack is available until next notice from Ncell)

  2. Gagan


  3. Shobhakanta

    Night pack 10 to 6 garna milxa ki ?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      10 PM to 6 AM Night pack ko lagi dial *12127# and select option 9.

  4. Basanta karn

    *123# thich da ta Rs 100 bhanda kam ko ta kunai data pack dekhauna ni hajur.k ho dhatnai khojnu bhako ho ra

    1. Dil Bahadur

      500 mb linako lagi kati dial garnu parxa sir

  5. Sandeep

    Unlimited pack ko jznkari chaiyo 1gb ko lagi parpta garna sakinxa

  6. सुजन बस्नेत

    3Mahina ko unlimited packs kati ma milchha

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Not available for 3 months but only available one month data pack. Dial *17123# and select regular packs and then select fair usage packs you can find unlimited data packs for a month.
      Rs. 789.87 for 1GB, Rs. 2258.87 for 5GB and Rs. 3388.87 for 10 GB.

  7. Rajaul hak

    30 din ka Al time data ko lagi Ke garnu parchha kasari line

      1. Suhail

        Sir,I want 1 month internet pack 250 Rupees for 1200mb

          1. Suhail

            I see 300mb for 100 Rupees option 1. What is the option 1200mb to activate

          2. Sangam Shrestha

            300 MB is in first position 1200MB is in third position.

  8. Rambalak Patel

    Ke ekchoti ma duita pack kinna sakinxa euta day pack ra arko night pack..

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Yes, we can buy day and night pack at a time. Day pack is used till 5 PM and from 11 PM night pack will be used. You can also buy same data pack twice and more as you need.

  9. Prem

    Data vako bela main balance kin katinxa sir jastai =9810905388 balance vako bela video audio call hadaina chat matra hunxa please reply me.

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Sometimes main balance (upto Rs.5) is deducted along with data pack, it also happened to me. If it happens always, please contact customer care center (dial 9005). Sorry I can’t understand your second question. Can you elaborate?

  10. Cherry

    I activated my data pack but I can’t use it. Where should I contact?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Contact customer care center. Dial 9005 from Ncell.

  11. Shiv Kumar Mandal

    One month datapack imo bat matrai video call garn kti prchh hola r ksri line .

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      There is no data pack available for IMO like Facebook pack. You have to buy general data pack. Dial *17123# to buy data pack.

  12. Suraj Kumar Gc

    One month data pack lina ko lagi kati dail garnu parchha r kati ( RS) Lagchha hola … 1000 ma ko lagi..

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      You can dial *17123# to buy data packs. For monthly data pack enter 3. You can get 1200 Mb @ Rs.250.

      1. Samir

        Its for one month..right

      2. Bishnu subedi

        ntc ko jastyo sagilo vaye thik hunxa.kina ki hami haru bides maa xau.ghar ma ncell ko data banauna jannu hunna.tesaile samasya pareko xa.tesaile sms garera data lina paye ramro hunthyo.sms bata data lina sakinxa vane vanus ta

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Sorry friend but buying data packs from sms in Ncell is not available for all data packs. Once it is available I will post it here. Subscribe this blog to get instant notification on latest offers and tricks. You can also use Ncell mobile app to buy data pack yourself when you are not there.

  13. Mohan Limbu

    So incase if i bought monthly data package of 1200MB at Rs.250. Will i be able to use it whole month or there is any limit of data usage?? Like will i be able to use or access all the social sites like FB, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, Instagram, Youtube etc.

    1. Mohan Limbu

      Also, can u tell me the process for deactivating the data package after its validity is expired. Thanks.

      1. Sangam Shrestha

        No need to deactivate as it deactivates automatically.

        1. Mohan Limbu

          Ok buddy thanks for ur update.

    2. Sangam Shrestha

      You can use without limit for whole month until your data pack is finished. You are able to access all the social site you want.

      1. Bisal

        Sar k hamile bidesh bata paisa pathayera imo ma bolna ko lagi data kinna sanna ra unlimited data kinna lai kati paisa lagxara kati mb hunxa hola plz

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          *17123# or *123# dial gara sabai data pack ra price dekhauxa.

      2. Bishnu subedi

        यो vAnda ta sms garera aafno data pack banauna thik hunethiyo

    3. Kedar

      How much for unlimited package?

  14. Aftab

    Any unlimited data package for prepaid?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Dial *17123# and select 8 then select 5. You can see unlimited packs there. But these unlimited packs are expensive than regular 30 days pack. For 30 days pack dial*17123# or *123# you will see there option for 30 days pack.

      1. Md. Mustak

        Ncell data plan is bad.

  15. Sajeena

    5am-5 pm ko data kasari line?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      Ncell le bharkhar nai day pack banda garisakyo. And all time day pack ko rate decrease garekoxa. Dial *17123# for more info.

  16. DNS

    It is not cheap I think …. because there is no other cheap pack around Rs 150 for one month

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      These data packs are avilable at good price than other packs.

      1. Ashok

        Hello sangam sir namaste
        I live in dubai . I want to pay for data plan for my home from here . Do ncell has any plan to pay data from abroad.

        1. Sangam Shrestha

          Friend you can transfer/recharge Ncell sim from abroad. Google for it. If you want to buy data packs in Ncell from abroad read this post. If do not get your answer plz comment back.

  17. Lila bhakta shrestha

    Ncell ko number bat saudi ma voice call bhayako chhina kina ?

  18. Arjun

    Sir now I am in Qatar and I would like to buy monthy data pack from Qatar so how to do

  19. Anup

    1 gb per day in monthly hou to get sir

      1. Ajmat mansur

        Hi boss I need to activet ramro data pack there is 1300 MB
        But not showing how to activet
        They have to activet by SMS or not.

      2. Aehsa. Khan

        Hello sir unlimited data pack Ncell ma kasari Active Karne R All Ncell data system
        Please mlai comments ma vannu na Hai

  20. Som Bahadur Sunar

    Wha*s the best data pack for ncell users using daily data for an hour?

    1. Sangam Shrestha

      I did not find any good data pack for regular user who uses less data daily. There are only heavy data packs. Go for any cheap data pack based on weekly or monthly plan as you may consume less data in an hour. Also day data pack is a good choice.

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